Watermelon shooting game 3D 1.0

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Watermelon shooter and weapon games for nothing improve your concentration and shooting aptitudes level. Make precise efforts to crush all the Watermelon with handguns and guns. In this firearm test system game while smashing organic products with slugs you have to remain concentrated on track. This...
his watermelon impact game is new weapon application where you hit the objective with genuine gun close by. As a firearm shooter of natural products don't hit an inappropriate objective. Squash all the moving natural products with your shooter weapon with solid single handed grip. Much the same as other organic product shooter games you need to shoot the sweet watermelon before they got smash in the smashers. 


So it's an ideal opportunity to accept firearm close by as an extreme shooter and hit the moving focuses with expert rifleman projectiles. You need to substantiate yourself as a master shooter of fixed focuses on that are flying with helicopters and turning. The Watermelon Shooter 3D Game is the main first individual shooting match-up that incorporates every new component of present day natural product shooting experience games. There is likewise an interminable mode where you can cut the natural products without hindrance, for example, bombs and shells. This 3D shooting match-up is likewise for best bowman shooters who love new shooting match-ups. 


Highlights of Watermelon shooting match-up 3D: 


- Real taking shots at armed force preparing camp 


- Realistic squashing and crush sound 


- Real broken impact with 3D movement 


- Aim and crush the organic products 


- Arcade and time assault mode 


- Addicting FPS ongoing interaction 


- Accuracy will be tried in master levels 


- Easy and natural controls for activity game 


- Move firearm Left-Right with finger to shoot the water melon

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Version 1.0
Updated On 15-Jun-2020
App Download Size 42.4 MB
Offered By Wol Myung
Released On 02-Dec-2019