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App Description

imoo Watch Phone is an item intended for kids and guardians. The application can be associated with the watch by wearing the watch on the youngsters' wrist and its supporting application on the guardians' cell phone. Guardians can make shared calls between the watch and the cell phone, precisely fin...
find the youngsters' position, and send voice message between the application and the watch by setting watch-related capacities in the application.

Primary Functional Features:

Telephone Function:
The telephone module is introduced in the equipment of the watch to permit calls between the telephone and the watch, and between watches, along these lines making correspondence and association among guardians and kids progressively advantageous. Also, the watch can be exchanged openly among ordinary and security mode, making calls progressively agreeable.

Area Function:
A GPS chip and WiFi module are introduced in the equipment of the watch, empowering the APP to show the exact situation of the watch whether outside or inside.

Visit Function:
Voice messages can be sent between the watch and the APP, understanding another type of correspondence among youngsters and guardians. Moreover, the APP can send SMS instant messages to the watch for more noteworthy assorted variety of correspondence.

Drenching Reminder:
On the off chance that the watch is unintentionally drenched in water, the screen will illuminate to remind the youngster to quit utilizing it. The APP will likewise make an impression on the guardians telling them to contact the kid.

Note: This element isn't accessible on certain models.

Timetable Alarm:
Guardians can set up and deal with the every day calendar of the kid through timetable cautions that remind the youngster to drink water, do schoolwork and different issues by methods for ordinary updates, redid voice updates, and so forth., empowering the kid to bit by bit grow great time keeping propensities.

The watch will just get messages from contacts in its location rundown and reject messages from outsiders, in this way shielding the kid from being influenced by undesirable or pestering messages.

Step Counting Function:
The kid's number of steps can be seen on the watch so as to enable the guardians to record the kid's advancement bit by bit and guarantee their solid development.

Class Mode:
Guardians can set the hours of the kid's classes. At the point when the kid goes to class wearing the watch, they won't be occupied from learning by playing with the watch.

Guardians can utilize the APP to deal with the contacts on their kid's watch, along these lines ensuring that their kid won't be hassled by obscure calls while additionally keeping their youngster from making arbitrary calls.

Obscure Call Rejection:
At the point when the obscure call dismissal work is initiated through the APP, just the contacts in the location rundown can make calls to the watch, and outsiders will be blocked. In the case of accepting obscure calls, the APP will get a warning message, allowing the guardians to affirm the call.

Auto Answer:
With the auto answer work enacted through the APP, if the guardians call the kid and there is no answer, the watch will naturally associate following 10 seconds.

Call Location Report:
At the point when the watch calls the telephone, it consequently reports the area of the call to the guardians.

Note: This element isn't accessible on certain models.

Low Power Mode
With the save power work initiated, when the force level of the watch drops excessively low, it will naturally enter low force mode, helpfully sparing force for the guardians to contact the kid when required.

Note: This component isn't accessible on certain models.

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