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DU Cleaner is framework waste records (reserves), broaden SD card stockpiling, and settle your absence of circle space. In addition free Speed Booster for Android Phones. Have you at any point experienced the accompanying issues? 1. Framework trash makes the telephone run gradually and application t...
gradually and application trash gobbles up your inside stockpiling.
2. No more space is accessible for new photographs or applications.
3. Your telephone is running madly moderate.
Every one of these circumstances need a tidy up apparatus, for example, a telephone sponsor, garbage remover, and so on.

Features of DU Cleaner (Boost and Clear Cache):

► Ultra-little size
Making it a lot littler than comparative applications on Google Play.
► Extremely engaged
Plays out the most far reaching refuse cleaning to spare you more telephone space;
► Intelligent investigation
Utilizing our new canny examination motor, DU Cleaner (Boost and Clear Cache) erases what you need to evacuate, leaves what you believe is helpful, and never loses your great recollections.
Highlights of DU Cleaner (Boost and Clear Cache):
► Clean Up and Junk File Cleaning
The garbage making conduct of a large number of applications has been broke down so that DU Cleaner (Boost and Clear Cache) can proficiently focus on its objectives (store and leftover records) with immaculate exactness. Erase reserve and lingering records to recover capacity, support speed, and improve the presentation of your gadget and SD card.
► Memory Boost
Lift your games and applications, let loose memory (RAM), accelerate your gadget, and spare more battery. Our 1-Tap Boost highlights make it simple to improve legitimately from your homescreen.
► Useless APKs
Discover and erase futile APKs on your telephone to let loose more extra room.
► Residual Files
Clear up lingering information from already uninstalled applications.

The World's Most Trusted Android Optimizer, Speed Booster, and garbage cleaning application; DU Cleaner and Speed Booster is a FREE application that can help clean excess applications and records, let loose extra room, tidy up your RAM, and accelerate your Android gadget.

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Version 6.1
Updated On 06-Jul-2020
App Download Size 7.20794 MB
Released On 21-May-2020