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What the climate estimate today? What the climate tomorrow? What the New York climate? or then again nearby climate? Indeed, even or the national climate and the world climate? What multi day forecast?... The precise climate application can give you a nitty gritty climate figure any place you are!&n...


Use Vegoo climate gauge, you will see climate data update hourly and precisely. 


- Main Features - 


☀️ Weather live: 


Utilize hourly climate application to follow the climate condition now. 


Live climate forecast can give you hourly climate estimate, every day climate gauge, week after week climate report(7 day climate conjecture), month to month meteorological forecast, multi day meteorological forecast... 


☀️ Accurate Weather Forecast: 


Climate application is refreshed moment by-minute. The climate figure has an exact meteorological forecast. It offers day by day climate, hourly climate and month to month climate gauge. 


☀️ Excellent Weather Widget and Clock: 


Different climate gadgets with current temperature, constant climate, climate gauge, city, clock and schedule of current area. 


☀️ Animated Weather Radar Maps: 


Track neighborhood climate conditions with the most recent climate radar maps. View continuous climate maps and climate radar livelinesss with your own snowstorm and typhoon tracker. 


You can utilize neighborhood climate radar, live climate radar, US climate radar with the radar climate map include. 


☀️ Deep Weather Details: 


Current climate conditions incorporate temperature, barometrical weight, feels like, wind speed and course, relative mugginess, perceivability distance,UV list readings. 


☀️ Severe Weather Alert: 


Avoid the tempest with pushed serious climate cautions with the climate. 


☀️ Current Location: 


The climate and atmosphere application recognizes climate estimate in your present area consequently. 


Recognize your present area by system and GPS. 


☀️ Multiple Weather Locations: 


The free climate application gives national climate service.You can follow the meteorological forecast of any city of the world, and slide screen to see the point by point climate data of your city. You can follow all your preferred urban communities and goals. 


☀️ Current Weather Notification 


You can turn on the climate warning component to get continuous climate today or climate tomorrow. 


☀️ Sunrise and Sunset Time 


☀️ Customize your climate application 


- Local Conditions: Access to neighborhood climate conditions, climate map and climate radar 


- Multi-language Support: Get your climate in English, Spanish and Portuguese … 


- Temperature Units: Fahrenheit (°F), Celsius (°C) 


- Wind Units: MPH, KPH, Knots and MPS 


- Pressure Units: Inches and millibars 


What makes the climate application unique? 


✨ Excellent Design 


✨ Various sorts of Weather Widget 


In the event that there's any recommendation with the climate application, if it's not too much trouble contact Vegoo Weather Forecast: 


Email: [email protected]

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Version 1.8.8
Updated On 12-Jun-2020
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Offered By Lite Tools Studio
Released On 19-Apr-2018