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Greetings Players,    As you most likely are aware, Chess is one of the most seasoned methodology games on the planet.    Chess is a fantastic board rationale game that grows such aptitudes as strategies, methodology and visual memory.    I'm attempting to make an...


I'm attempting to make an application that permits a player of any level to appreciate the game. 


Play Chess, open levels and be Chess Master! 


Chess pieces: 


- The pawn moves to one field forward or two fields at the primary move of this figure; beats askew to one field forward. 


- The ruler moves to one field in the vertical, level or corner to corner. 


- The sovereign moves to any separation vertically, evenly or corner to corner. 


- The rook moves to any separation vertically or on a level plane. 


- The knight moves to the field two fields along the vertical and one on a level plane or one field vertically and two evenly. 


- The religious administrator moves to any separation slantingly. 


Significant Chess circumstances: 


- Check - the circumstance in chess when a lord is under quick assault by rival's pieces 


- Checkmate - the circumstance in chess when the player whose turn it is to move is under control and has no legitimate move to get away from check. 


- Stalemate - the circumstance in chess when the player whose turn it is to move has no legitimate move and isn't in line. (draw) 


The objective of the game is to checkmate the other lord. 


Two exceptional moves in Chess: 


- Castling is a twofold move, performed by the lord and the rook that never moved. 


- En passant is a move where a pawn can take an adversary's pawn on the off chance that it bounces over a field under the pawn's blow. 




- Ten degrees of trouble 


- Chess Puzzles 


- Game Assistant (Helper) 


- Ability to fix a move 


- Hints of moves 


- Stars for levels finished without the fix button 


- Seven unique subjects 


- Two board sees (Vertical - 2D and Horizontal - 3D) 


- Alternate mode 


- Two player mode 


- Realistic illustrations 


- Save work 


- Sound impacts 


- Small size 


In the event that you need to play great Chess, you can assist me with making the application better. 


It would be ideal if you compose your criticism and recommendations here; I will understand them and improve the nature of the application! 


Much obliged to you.

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